Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Entry 6

        After looking through my classmate’s blogs, I’ve decided that my favorites are Kristen Upton’s and Tabitha Schade’s. Both blogs are full of pictures and have cute, colorful background themes. Both blogs have posts that are easy, and enjoyable, to read. I love that both blogs are detailed and have a great presentation. All in all, these two blogs stood out to me.

        Some blogs that seemed to be lacking in the creativity department all seemed to share common issues. Many blogs consist of little to no pictures. Their writings are not in depth and they are extremely simple. Another common issue is that a good amount of classmates are missing their blogs and aren’t keeping up with the assignments.

        My favorite blog entry would have to be Kristen Upton’s. Her first blog entry, like everyone else’s, was to answer the following questions: Why did you choose this course as your FYS? What are you hoping to accomplish in the seminar? What is your favorite fairytale? Why? Kristen answered all of the questions in a creative way and kept me interested throughout the whole post. I could tell that she really felt passionate toward what she was writing about and her love for fairytales, and excitement for the class, was obvious even after the first paragraph. 

        Overall, the class seems to be doing well on the blogs. There can always be improvements, but so many are already doing so well. We just have to make sure we’re adding pictures, elaborating on subjects, and turning them in altogether!