Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Entry 5

        The Grimm’s fairytale and the Disney version of Snow White have plenty in common, and yet have plenty to set them apart. 

In both stories, the evil witch/stepmother asks the mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all. The mirror replies with a rhyme about Snow White being the fairest one of all. The evil witch/stepmother is so threatened by this that she orders the huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her, and bring back an organ(s) as proof. The huntsman can’t bring himself to kill her so spares her life and tells her to run away. She stumbles upon a cottage in the woods that belongs to the dwarves and falls asleep in their beds. She cooks and cleans for them, the witch finds out where she is, deceives her with a red apple, and Snow white takes a bite of the apple and dies. When the dwarves put her in a glass coffin, because they cannot bring themselves to bury her, her prince comes and kisses her to wake her up, and they live happily ever after. 

        In the Grimm’s fairytale, the huntsman brings back a boar’s lungs and liver to trick the queen and she boils the organs and eats them. Later on, the dwarves also only let Snow White stay if she is willing to cook and clean for them. The evil stepmother finds out that Snow White is still alive, and transforms into an old woman, and tries to kill her three times. She tightens stay lace on her, brushes her hair with a poison comb, and mixes up a poison apple; the poison apple ends up killing her.
       In the Disney movie, the huntsman brings back a heart that isn’t Snow White’s to trick the queen. Later on, the forest animals bring Snow White to the dwarves house, and she persuades them to let her stay if she cooks and cleans. The evil queen finds out that Snow White is still alive, and becomes an old woman to try to kill her. She only brings an apple, and when Snow White bites it, she dies.

Disney changed the story to make it more kid and family friendly. In the Disney version, they didn’t include the eating of the lungs because it is disturbing and creepy. They didn’t include all three methods of killing, probably to just get to the point of the poisonous apple.

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