Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Entry 1

        I chose this course for my FYS because I have always loved fairy tales. Bedtime stories were a big part of my childhood; my parents used to read bedtime stories to me and my brother on a daily basis. My mom even made up a few "fairy tales" of her own that she recited to us as regularly as the popular ones. I also thoroughly enjoy watching Disney movies; the movies bring me back to my childhood and they keep the "kid" in me alive. 

        In this class, I hope to better my analysis skills and to educate myself on the origin of fairytales. The last two years of high school have influenced my newfound interest in literary analysis; I took AP Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition, and both classes relied heavily on literary and textual analysis and class discussions on the material. I hope to use this class to better my discussion skills as well as my textual and literary analysis skills. And, with this new knowledge, I hope to be able to educate my friends and family as well. 

        My favorite fairy tale may be the story of Rapunzel. From what I remember, Rapunzel’s father stole the “rapunzel” plant from the witches garden when Rapunzel’s mother was pregnant with her. When the father was caught, the witch made him promise that he would give her his child. That whole deal always interested me because of the culture behind the trading system; if a man was caught stealing in our society today, he wouldn’t be penalized by giving up a child. 

      The whole fairy tale was simply a wonderful story. It had a great plot, it had romance, it was entertaining and suspenseful, and even became a tragedy with the death of the prince.

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